Fort Stockton Community Theatre

Fort Stockton Community Theatre

Fort Stockton Community TheatreThe Fort Stockton Community Theatre is a community theater dedicated to serving the community. It is located at 102 S Nelson St, Fort Stockton, TX 79735. It has been in the planning stages for the last four years, and has been raising funds and designing the theatre. What began as a purely hypothetical exercise is quickly becoming a reality. The theatre will be a new addition to the existing community center. The old building will remain as an event space, and the new building will be adjacent to the current building. The new building will feature a performance space and a support wing with restrooms and storage for actors and audience members.

The Fort Stockton Community Theatre is also launching a new cultural event, Barrio Fest, in 2022. The Barrio Fest will feature free programs and events that celebrate Fort Stockton's Hispanic heritage and culture. The event will also feature oral history collections and historic tours of the town.

The Fort Stockton Community Theatre is led by long-time community member and volunteer, Alice Duerksen.

She has directed and produced numerous plays and helped lead the community to build a new, $2.5 million theatre. Alice is a retired educator, active in her church, and loves reading. She and her husband, Dean, have a blended family.
Fort Stockton Community Theatre is a fine arts experience for the whole family. The live performances are entertaining, but they also serve as an educational opportunity. It enhances the appreciation for the performing arts. In addition, LCT is developing a Digital Performing Arts program that focuses on podcasting, film, and audio recordings. The building also has a nursery where young children can participate in live theatre. Cindy Miller has directed more than 50 productions and performed in over 100 others. She has been involved in the arts since she was seven years old.

In addition to her many roles behind the scenes, Melanie is also a member of the TCTC Board of Directors and is a former Executive Director of the Theatre Network of Texas. She has also been active in community theatres for over a decade, serving as a board member and on the Festivals Committee of the American Association of Community Theatre.
This production will feature the talents of Jordan Ward and Garrett Huckaby as newlyweds Corie and Paul. In addition to these talented actors, the cast includes Penny Smith as Corie's mother and Marcos Mendoza Jr. as Victor Velasco. Another returning actor is Michael Shuttleworth, who will play the role of a telephone repairman. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors.

In Fort Stockton, TX, the median age of all residents is 34.7 years old. In addition, the majority of residents are U.S. citizens, and the median property value was $120,400 in 2020. The homeownership rate was 70.2%, and the median household size was two cars.

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