Centennial Gardens & Bird Sanctuary

The Centennial Bird Sanctuary and Garden spans an expansive 13 acres. For more than seven decades, the property in question functioned as a storm basin (or "sump," as some would have it) for New York City inhabitants. 

For decades, Nassau County Storm Basin 120 collected storm waters in its primary, secondary, and tertiary basins, then channeled the overflow to a basin in Elmont. When storm sewers were installed in the Floral Park neighborhood in the late '50s, the water table dropped roughly 9 feet, limiting the quantity of water that normally flowed into the storm basin. For this reason, the majority of the basin is redundant for the storms at hand.

After nearly two years of deliberation, a group of local residents advised turning the basin into a passive leisure space where the existing trees and birds could be enjoyed. Garden City, which is close by, and Hofstra University were cited as examples of places that had transformed a storm basin into a wildlife refuge and garden. 

Therefore, the Village began discussions with Nassau County for use of the facility, with the backing of more than 90% of the local population. Nassau County Legislature authorized a renewable 30-year contract with the Village of Floral Park after nearly two years of negotiations. With a long-term lease in place, the municipality will have an incentive to invest in the storm basin, transforming it from an eyesore into a pleasant spot for passive enjoyment.

The FPCS's new pathway, built as part of the jogging and walking path, was designated as a White House 'Millennium pathway' in the year 2000. The FPCS also earned a $2,000 grant from the Kodak Award for its strategic planning and successful completion of the project's educational goals.

In September of 2000, the FPCS joined the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). A WHC scientist inspected the land and drafted a plan for its future that includes numerous improvements.

The Village had a touching dedication ceremony in October 2000 and formally christened the area "Centennial Gardens & Bird Sanctuary." A wildflower meadow, more than 100 feet in length and width, has been established and will be maintained through annual plantings in the autumn and spring.

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